2015 Halloween Campaigns: Clarity’s top three

Image of pumpkin as part of post by Birmingham social media agency Clarity Comms on 2015 Halloween Campaigns

2015 Halloween Campaigns: Clarity’s top three

Halloween is quickly becoming the most interesting season for brands to get involved in. Not only does it allow brands to get creative but also to break the mould and do something a little mischievous in reaching consumers.

Cadbury Craveyard

Cadbury Craveyard used Halloween as an opportunity to revive the love for old classics Cadbury marble and Cadbury fuse. How could we have ever forgot that these amongst others are no more available – it got us thinking about the brand, our favourite bars and may have influenced the biscuit run, and well we thought that was a smart move from Cadbury!

By voting for their favourite classic bar, social media users were entered into an exclusive competition to win a taste of the limited edition revivals.

This campaign was something that we thought not only resonated with fans of the chocolate but also appealed to those who did not know the specific limited editions.

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The vote called users to action in a fun and non imposing way – no one likes to be told to do something, but when it’s asked in a spooky animation and when the consumer opinion truly matters – we want to get involved. Keep up the good work Cadbury!


Although Tesco have faced some trials and tribulations in the supermarket sector, from attempting to revive failing stores and criticism over the finer details of it’s recent price guarantee campaign, they certainly have come up trumps with their Halloween campaign.

Creating a series of hocus supermarket tricks Tesco created a campaign that injects humour and personality into the brand almost making you forget it’s recent financial and reputation troubles.

With over 2 millions views of the video we think that this campaign managed to give consumers what they wanted – a laugh at the misfortune of other shoppers. It fits the trick or treat season perfectly and successful presented the brand in a more positive light – this is what we we want to see more of Tesco!

Hobgoblin Horror Shorts

We’d be stupid to not mention one of our client’s campaigns in a Halloween round up. And not to blow our own trumpet too much but we’re a little bit proud of the results.

If you didn’t know Hobgoblin has proudly christened itself as the ‘Unofficial beer of Halloween’ and has retained the title for 10 years. This campaign focused on building the brand’s social media presence, taking it forward to engage with a younger audience of beer drinkers (25+) and getting them excited about the beer.

Creating a series of Halloween inspired film take overs, the brand created some great video content that gave users a laugh.

Of course the Hobgoblin’s mischievous and cheeky tone was perfect for the Halloween campaign, it also resonated with social users and encouraged them to get involved with competitions, conversations and the finale film choice – Ghostbusters we enjoyed!

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Taking Halloween inspired films and giving them the Hobgoblin’s ‘mischievous’ twist allowed the brand to reach almost 3.9 million consumers with 1.18 million people watching the videos. The campaign also saw a massive shift towards younger consumers with 65% of those reached aged 18 – 34.

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