Social Media Marketing: Coverage of Clarity’s Work

Image of social media marketing post by award wining agency Clarity Comms

Social Media Marketing: Coverage of Clarity’s Work

We were delighted to see coverage of one of our social media marketing posts make it into the local press. Social media content is often picked up and used by both local and national media. So we were very pleased when our Marston’s Brewery post was covered by Derbyshire Live.

The article related to a post Clarity had created in response to media reports of an impending shortage of Marmite. The shortage was due to the impact of the pandemic with beer production down. This in turn meant less yeast. Marmite as lovers and haters know is made from yeast extract.

We mentioned the scare stories to our client Marston’s Brewery. Their Burton brewery supplies Marmite and as luck would have it, a fresh batch of spare yeast was due to be sent to Marmite. Clarity quickly posted to both Facebook and Twitter sharing the original posts and letting Marmite fans know that Marston’s was on the case.

Both posts performed well driving huge levels of engagement and reach. A few days later we saw that the story had been covered by the local press.

“Marston’s brewery comes to the rescue of Marmite amid yeast shortage”

Headline, Derbyshire Live

It’s an example of the power of social media and that brands can harness it when used well. Done well it also doesn’t feel like marketing to the consumers who engage with the post: with comments, shares, retweets, and likes.