Facebook Live: six tips to make you awesome at live streaming

Facebook Live: six tips to make you awesome at live streaming

Since late last year brands have been able to utilise Facebook’s live streaming service Facebook Live. Live streaming has becoming increasingly popular pioneered by the likes of Periscope and Meerkat but with Facebook’s huge global reach live streaming has been thrown into the mainstream.

And Facebook is desperate to get us all live steaming, throwing big bucks at TV and billboard TV ads. If you’ve not seen them where’ve you been?

From a brand’s perspective there are massive rewards to be had if Facebook Live is used well. Huge reach, views and increased engagement to name a few.

We all know video content has long been king but how can brands make the most of Facebook Live?

Being an award winning social media agency 😉 we’ve recently completed a successful Facebook Live campaign for client Hobgoblin and have some tips on how brands can successfully leverage live streaming.

1. Think about your audience – obvious right? But all too often brands get self-absorbed and decide to broadcast what they think is interesting not what their audience finds interesting. No offence Dunkin Donuts we love that you embraced Facebook Live but we found your ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour a bit dull.

2. Be interesting, entertaining or informative – why are you using Facebook Live? Don’t just do it because all the marketing blogs are talking about it. News organisations leveraged Facebook Live brilliantly during the Brexit aftermath.

Similarly, news outlets in the US used Facebook Live streaming during the election results. Buzzfeed entertained thousands of its fans with a simple game of ‘Elastic Band Vs Watermelon’, sometimes it’s the simple stuff that works the best.

3. Prepare to engage – the beauty of Facebook Live is the instant reactions. Likes, loves and wows floating across your screen. Think of ways to encourage more reactions.

Ask questions, let your audience control the content they see on the screen, run live competitions. Spend a decent amount of time thinking about how to you can get your audience engaged and be prepared to change the plan if something isn’t working.

4. Don’t let technology fail you – not to sound patronising but… it’s important to make sure you’ve got the basics covered. Wifi, 4G, battery life, sound quality and lighting all need to be considered ahead of time. If you’re filming outside what will you do if it rains? Planning and test runs are key, there’s nothing worse than a pixilated view or a battery dying half way through your broadcast.

5. Pre-promote – tell your audience when and what time to tune in. Teaser videos can be a good way to promote your activity as you can boost these posts to your desired audience (currently you can’t boost a live video until after it’s finished streaming, although we hear Facebook is working on this functionality).

6. Making the most of the moment – you can make your content stretch way beyond the initial live moment. You can boost your live video after the event (if the content is still relevant). Download the video and edit into a wrap up video to help promote future Facebook Live streams.

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