Hobgoblin’s HobtoberFest

2021 Drink's Business Award Winner
The HotoberFest campaign logo created by our designers.

The Brief

Halloween is the most important and pivotal marketing period for Hobgoblin. However, during an ongoing lockdown this was a bit more of a challenge.

Our goals for the campaign were:

  • To create a compelling campaign that engaged with social audiences during lockdown
  • To deliver content that utilised all the brand’s owned channels
  • To reach at least 150,000 consumers organically

The Solution

With live events likely to be out of bounds in 2020, we realised we wouldn’t be running anything like the fantastical live audience shows we’d put on in previous years. Instead, Hobgoblin would have to bring the same extraordinary energy to the audience in a purely digital format.

Thus, HobtoberFest was born. Taking inspiration from the live music festivals audiences would be missing out on, we decided that we’d treat each of Hobgoblin’s social channels as a ‘stage’ with 4 – 5 ‘events’ per day running over three days during Halloween weekend. Each day would have a ‘headline’ piece of content, ranging from music performances, a Zoom party, and of course, loads of beer giveaways.

The Results

After 3 months of planning, the outcome was the brand’s most successful social media campaign to date.


Campaign Engagement Rate

A staggering engagement rate of 45% across all platforms during HobtoberFest


A staggering engagement rate of 45% across all platforms during HobtoberFest


Ahead of Target Reach

Exceeded our target reach by 200% with over 455,000 consumers seeing the campaign


Increase in Engagement with Younger Drinkers

Engagement with 25-44 years olds increased by 30% during the campaign


Views of Festival Videos

Over 129,000 consumers watched one or more pieces of HobtoberFest content

Bonus? A very happy client AND a Drink Business Award for Social Media Campaign of the Year.

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