Wych Brew Are You? Turning consumer conversations into a social media campaign

Wych Brew Are You? Turning consumer conversations into a social media campaign

The "Wych Brew Are You" app showing the votes for each beer.

The “Wych Brew Are You” app showing the votes for each beer.

How do you turn conversations about your products into brand advocacy?

This is what we’ve just done for our client Marston’s, turning mentions of their Wychwood beers into a fun, engaging and interactive social media campaign, Wych Brew Are You?

We’d already plugged our social media monitoring tool, Pulsar, into conversations taking place about beer. A closer look showed that Wychwood’s beers had a great following on social, as well as giving us insights the relative popularity of each beer.

But what could we do with this data? We didn’t just want to keep it to ourselves and report it back to the client; we wanted to use this to spark further online conversations. We created ‘Wych Brew Are You?’, a consumer campaign that lets us tap into our fans’ love of Wychwood’s brews.

The campaign has been enabled by Pulsar’s software which allows us to monitor every mention of specific keywords. By plugging in the names of some of the brewery’s most popular beer #Hobgoblin, #BlackWych and #ImperialRed we could track mentions and turn them into content.

The API pulls in data from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and blogs every time one of the hashtags is mentioned. We then visually represented this in a Blue-Peter-style totaliser app on Facebook.

To encourage further consumer conversations we pitted the beers against each other in a social media popularity competition and encouraged people to get behind their favourite.

Once key mention milestones are reached, consumers are rewarded for being involved and can win prizes from t-shirt to beer.

To ensure momentum and to keep the campaign fresh we also created a Buzzfeed-style quiz, revealing to consumers which beer best matches their personality. The Wych Brew Are You? campaign will run from late April to July.

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